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If you're like me, you appreciate knowing up front what services will cost.


My session fees are listed below. 

Individual Session (50 Minutes)

Therapy session for children, youth, and adults

Extended (80 Minute) sessions are available for those who want more time........$225

Couples Assessment Session (80 Minutes)

The first 2-3 sessions of couples therapy are scheduled in longer blocks of time, to allow for assessment and planning 

Couples Session (50 Minutes)

For couples who have completed their assessment sessions are ready to continue their therapy journey




Direct Billing

Many extended health benefits plans cover the cost of mental health services. I am able to direct bill to a number of companies, including Canada Life, Manulife, and Blue Cross, among others. Please inquire with your insurance provider as to your coverage amounts.

I am a registered provider for Non-Insured Health Benefits (Indigenous folks with who are registered and have status) and am able to direct bill NIHB for mental health services. 

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