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Children and Youth

As adults we don't always know how to process our emotions, and young people are no different! When children experience challenges it can affect how they feel, act, and learn. Therapy can be helpful for children and families when they encounter experiences they are struggling to cope with. 

I work with school-aged children ages 6-18. For younger children I invite parents to be part of the session, as parent participation can be a helpful part of healing for children. Sessions with younger children typically include more hands-on activities such as games, playing, art, and talking. For older children and teens, therapy activities are more talk-based, but can also include other activities where appropriate. 

For the initial session it is helpful for me to meet with the parent, or parents, without the child present, so that we can chat freely to gather background information and discuss treatment goals. For older children I will also ask their perspective on treatment goals when I meet with them. Duration and frequency of therapy varies depending on treatment goals and needs. 

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